jim framed “ Whether you’re looking for a “normal” European hunt for game such as red deer, roe  deer, mouflon, or chamois…or you’re a specialist looking for the “tough stuff”–like wolf,  lynx, Finnish whitetails, European moose, Kri Kri ibex, and so much more, the Hunt  Europe guys are the folks to go to! Tony Tonchev and Saso Ivanov of Hunt Europe Ltd.  have been my friends for more than five years. They have led me on several fantastic  European hunts in Croatia, Estonia, Finland, France, Macedonia, Majorca, and  Spain…and they have never led me astray! No one offers more or better hunting  opportunities in Europe, and I look forward to hunting with them again soon.”

Craig Boddington

bodington framed
“I have hunted with Hunt Europe six times and each time my success and excellent  treatment surpassed my expectations. There is no better person to hunt with than  Tony Tonchev. He speaks five languages, including Russian. He has hunted so much  and so many out of the way places, he literally knows everyone, where to go, when,  how, and the most convenient and reasonable way. Sasho is the same, a great detail  person. They tell me I have more species than anyone who has ever hunted Europe,  yet Tony has me booked this fall for more species I have not yet collected….these  guys specialize in hard to get trophies, hard to get licenses – only Hunt Europe, Tony,  and Sasho could ever arrange it.”

Tom Hammond