Located in the very heart of Europe, sandwiched between Germany, Austria, Italy and France, amidst breathtaking mountain scenery, Switzerland is one of the most popular destinations for mountain hunters traveling to Europe.  Smaller than the state of West Virginia, Switzerland is almost entirely mountainous, with vast evergreen forests,  picturesque valleys, and Alpine meadows.  It boasts a strong spirit of neutrality and is neither a member of the United Nations, nor of the European Union.

Once part of the Hapsburg Empire, Switzerland gained independence in 1815.   The country has thee official languages: German, French and Italian and these are spoken in the regions of the country that border on those neighboring countries.   Switzerland has long been famous for precision time pieces, including watches, and for chocolate.  Its largest city, Zurich, is a popular sightseeing destination and many of the most famous skiing resorts in Europe are found in Switzerland. So too is the Matterhorn, one of the most dangerous mountaineering peaks in the Alps.

For hunters, Switzerland is a destination for Alpine ibex and Alpine chamois.   Both of these species are found in good numbers and the strikingly beautiful mountains they inhabit make for challenging hunts and exceptional hunting experiences.    Germanic hunting customs, developed in neighboring Germany and Austria, are also practiced in Switzerland.  These include a unique form of hunters’ language – the “Jägersprache” – and rituals of respect for the game and the hunter, which are still widely observed by local hunters and guides.

Switzerland, like its neighbors to the north, boasts a wildlife management system that is among the best in the world and game herds are managed not only for quantity, but also for trophy quality.  Hunts are conducted under the supervision of highly trained foresters.

In Switzerland, as in most other European countries, game is priced by quality.  Highly skilled and experienced guides are trained to find the quality level desired by each customer.

Species List:

Alpine Chamois
Alpine Ibex
Eurasian Wild Boar