Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia

The Balkans are the region of Southeastern Europe which lie between western Europe and the Middle East. It is composed of Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and various republics of former Yugoslavia and Albania. The Balkans are famous for their rich hunting grounds and wild, sparsely populated mountains. Endowed with several mountain ranges, beautiful coastlines and lush river valleys, these countries boast a long list of European species. They offer excellent trophy quality red stags, Alpine chamois, Alpine ibex, Balkan chamois, mouflon, fallow deer, roe deer, and wild boar, as well as rarer species such as the European brown bear, wolf and lynx. Macedonia is the only country, except Greece, which can offer hunting for the coveted Kri Kri ibex. Exotics are also available for hunting on a few game reserves in Macedonia. These include Himalayan tahr, Aoudad sheep, Racka sheep and Axis deer.

Since Greece no longer has a sport hunting program of consequence, we must sadly eliminate it from our discussion of hunting destinations. Romania by contrast is so important as a hunting destination, that Hunt Europe has stationed a full-time representative there, in cooperation with the Hunting Consortium. We give this country its own section in our inventory of popular European destinations for hunters.

Low prices, superior food, wine and amenities and a diversity of European species has made the Balkans one of the most important regions for traveling hunters today. For that reason Hunt Europe has made its headquarters there. Our full-time professional staff oversee this multinational program from the corporate office in Skopje, Macedonia. Sasho Ivanov supervises the endeavors of our several regional representatives and Tony Tonchev is busy developing new programs in the ever-evolving European hunting scene.

As elsewhere in Europe, our programs in the Balkans have been designed specifically for our clients. Our staff travels frequently in the region, updating information and selecting new areas, always looking for the best hunting opportunities and the most reliable operators. Our partners in the Balkans are some of the most experienced and professional operators in Europe. Accommodations are very comfortable, with excellent foods and wines. The hunting is the best it has ever been in this region!


First of the new republics to break away from former Yugoslavia, Slovenia made a rapid transition to a  market economy, largely without damage or disruption.  It is now a member of the European Union and of NATO.  This small mountain country, about the size of Vermont,  is home to the Julian Alps, with remote green valleys, sprinkled with  charming little villages, much like neighboring Austria.  Here the traditions of the mountaineering folk and their hunting heritage are as strong as ever.

Tourism is one of Slovenia’s major industries and the friendly people of this country welcome thousands of visitors every year.   The infrastructure is excellent and there are comfortable guest houses and hunting lodges scattered throughout the mountains.

The primary species hunted here are Alpine chamois, as well as roe deer, wild boar and some red deer.  There is also a small quota for free-ranging Alpine ibex.


Species List:

Alpine Chamois
Alpine Ibex
Central European Mouflon
Eurasian Wild Boar
European Red Deer
European Roe deer