United Kingdom

Scotland, England, Wales

Great Britain has had an enormous influence on our hunting heritage.  The British Empire reached its zenith in the 1920s, covering almost a quarter of the earth – the largest empire in history.  From Africa, Asia, to the western hemisphere, and the South Pacific, Britain spread her influence through language, legal systems, and culture, including the tradition of sport hunting and the love of the outdoor, country life.  Today that hunting culture is still alive and well, especially in the highlands of Scotland and Wales.

Most hunting nowadays is done on private estates, where game is managed by professional game keepers and where guides follow age old traditions of scientific game management.  The game is owned by the landowners and the harvest quotas are set according to the principles of sound management, including good population ratios of sex and age, as well as trophy quality.  Most of the common European deer species are found in the U.K., including red deer, fallow deer, roe deer and numerous exotic deer species have been introduced, a byproduct of Britain’s worldwide colonial endeavors during the last two centuries.  These include Japanese Sika deer, Manchurian Sika deer, Pere David deer, Chinese water deer, Reeves muntjac (all from China), and hog deer from India.

Bird shooting has also retained its popularity, especially the driven shoots for pheasant in England and Wales and for grouse in the Scottish moors.  Birds too are intensively managed and estates which can deliver daily bags of up to 1,000 birds get high prices for their driven days, held on specific dates, year after year.


Scotland is one of the most popular hunting destinations in Europe.  Regional love of the outdoor sports, spectacular scenery, and richness of tradition combine to make a most rewarding and unique experience for any traveling hunter. Traditional hunting (stalking, as it is known locally) is available for red deer, roe deer, fallow deer, Japanese Sika deer, and feral goats.  Two types of red stag stalking are offered – traditional “highland” stalking, which involves hunting “hill” stags, which reach modest trophy size, and “trophy” stag stalking, which is limited to a few premium highland hunting estates and some lowland estates.   The Scottish feral goat is also available on some estates.

Scotland also offers some of the finest wing shooting in the world.  Driven grouse and pheasant shoots can be arranged for groups of at least 6 guns,  as can mixed bag shoots of pheasant, partridge, ducks, black grouse, etc.  Some walked-up shooting over pointers is also available.

Anglers will know that Scotland is home to some of the finest Atlantic salmon fishing in the world.  We offer time on selected river leases and expert advice on this noble pursuit.

Hunt Europe currently offers hunting on 32 estates in Scotland, all of which have somewhat different amenities, services, and prices. Therefore, we prefer to quote stalking and shooting programs in Scotland on an individual basis.  Each itinerary and quotation is designed to meet the needs of each individual client or group.

Accommodations in Scotland also vary in the extreme.   Everything can be had from simple bed and breakfast country inns, a variety of hotels in virtually every service class, up to and including private castles.  We will gladly match accommodations to the wishes and tastes of the individual client.

Species List:

European Fallow Deer
European Roe Deer
Feral Goat
Japanese Sika Deer
Scottish Red Deer
Soay Sheep

Wing Shooting:

Driven Pheasant
Driven Grouse
Walked-up Grouse