Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark

Scandinavia is the cultural, historical, and ethnic region of northern Europe that includes the three kingdoms of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and by extension, the republics of Finland and Iceland.

The vast territory of this Nordic region stretches from the Baltic Sea to well above the Arctic Circle.  It contains vast wilderness areas with virtually no human population and is home to many game species.   Since the days of the Vikings, the fiercely independent  people of Scandinavia have a long and proud tradition of hunting, which endures to this day.

Tourism is a well developed industry in Scandinavia and this region entertains millions of tourists and outdoor enthusiasts every year.


The remote island nation of Iceland – the land of fire and ice, is perhaps the most unusual destination for traveling hunters looking for a Nordic adventure.  Home to hundreds of volcanoes and some 30 active volcanic systems, Iceland is still geologically active and suffers many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  On the positive side, geysers and hot springs provide geothermal energy to power most homes on the island.  Roughly 10% of the island is covered by glaciers.  Arable land is limited and the once dense forests have been largely destroyed by man.

Barren Ground Reindeer are the only game species of interest on Iceland. Trophies of modest size are available.

Iceland Species List:

Barren Ground Reindeer