For a generation Hungary has been one of the most popular hunting destination for Europeans. Possessed of large forested areas and rich, fertile agricultural areas along the Danube River, this country, about the size of the state of Indiana, located in the heart of central Europe has excellent populations of most of the common European species.  Mild climate, great food, and rich cultural history dating back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, bring thousands of European hunters to Hungary every year.  The forestry resource during the Communist period was developed far beyond that of most of its neighbors and Hungary is today still one of the most popular hunting destinations.

Hungary became especially famous for its heavy antlered DanubeValley red stags.  It has delivered several world record, and numerous near world record, stags over the 1970s and 1980s.  As the Czechs did in the case of the mouflon sheep, the Hungarians took the breeding and development of fallow stag to its ultimate level.  Hungary has long been famous for the largest fallow stags in the world and has always held the international world record for that species.  This county has provided breeding stock for most other countries in Europe, notably Spain.

Hungary also offers excellent wing shooting and has long been famous for its thousand bird days.  Huge driven shoots involving hundreds of beaters, push waves of pheasants through enormous corn fields on the Hungarian plain or “Pusta”.  The “Pusta” has also long been popular for its enormous roe deer.  The opening of roe deer season has always brought with it a virtual pilgrimage of European sportsmen to enjoy some of the finest roe deer hunting in Europe.

The infrastructure is good, and there are a variety of hotels and lodges in all service classes.  Spicy, delicious Hungarian cuisine is among Europe’s finest and most distinct culinary treats.  The Hungarians are friendly and gracious hosts, entertaining more than a million foreign tourists each year in scenic vacation spots like Lake Balaton and in the forests, as well in Budapest, the fascinating and historic capital.

Hungary Species List:

Central European Mouflon
Eurasian Wild Boar
European Fallow Deer
European Red Deer
European Roe Deer

Wing Shooting:

Driven Pheasant
Walked-up Hungarian Partridge
Ring Dove