Hunt Europe Ltd.

Based in Skopje, Macedonia, Hunt Europe Ltd. arranges hunting opportunities throughout Europe, including the European part of Russia.
The corporation is an amalgamation of several smaller companies, the largest of which was previously known as, Macedonia Safaris, a company which gained much notoriety in the last decade for its superlative service and excellent trophy quality. This statement is borne out to by the large volume of positive hunt reports which have been filed in both the European and American hunting press.

Hunt Europe has assembled a team of experts, which includes some of the most experienced and competent professional hunters working in Europe today, as well as a board of consultants and industry experts that is envy of the outdoor adventure industry. This experienced cadre is constantly researching new areas and developing new programs for our discerning clientele.

Hunt Europe has exclusive hunting rights to a new Tikves Lake Game Reserve in Macedonia. This huge new nature reserve offers native species such as red deer, fallow deer, mouflon sheep, and wild boar, as well as exotic species such as Kri Kri ibex, Himalayan tahr, Racka sheep and Aoudad (Barbary) sheep.

Currently Hunt Europe offers hunting programs for all European species of big game, as well as limited wing shooting. Hunts are offered in the following countries:  Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and in European Russia.